Why The
City Edition

A new format continues the spirit of our four-day flagship event on Necker Island with the bustling energy of New York for a relaxed, off-the-record gathering. Designed as a single-day event - we are once again looking to mix the business crowd with creators and curators, expand the horizons, enrich the conversations and really move the needle. And New York clearly sets the stage for a completely different experience.

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Who’s Coming

A select group of influential leaders at the intersection of creativity, media and technology.

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  • David Droga

    Creative Chairman


    David Droga

  • Linda Boff



    Linda Boff

  • Charlotte Beers

    Speaker, educator and author

    Charlotte Beers

  • Alexis Ohanian


    Initialized Capital, Reddit

    Alexis Ohanian

  • Ana Ros

    The World's Best Female Chef 2017

    Ana Ros

  • David Eagleman

    Neuroscientist, Writer, Entrepreneur

    Stanford University

    David Eagleman

  • Rio Caraeff


    Magic Leap

    Rio Caraeff

  • Jordan Hewson


    Action Button

    Jordan Hewson

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Where Does It Take Place

New York. Manhattan's Tribeca, home to  approximately 17,000 residents, is a neighborhood of cobblestone streets, world-famous restaurants, and historic warehouse buildings that have been converted to some of the most desired lofts in the city. The 10013 zip code features one of Manhattan's most charming neighborhoods.

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